Daniel Tosh Is Behind It All

[VIDEO] The crazy fan theory has been thrown out.  It's all Daniel Tosh and it's kind of scary.

Nathan Hemleyby Nathan Hemley

Ok so, in post a wrote last week, I brought up a Web site that I had found online.  Tosh529.org.  I won't rehash everything that I said so if you want to see what I'm talking about you can take a look at the last article

Bottom line is that I thought some crazy Daniel Tosh fan had made a creepy fan site to share his devotion to the comedian and find others that wanted to follow in suit.  Well, it's even weirder than I thought.  Daniel Tosh is behind the site entirely!  One of our CraveOnline visitors, Victor, commented on the last article that I wrote saying that he looked on Comedy Central's Web site and felt that they were probably behind the "fan site".  Well, he was basically right.  Daniel Tosh himself has created a Web site in honor of… himself.  After doing some research of my own I found this video on YouTube:


I going to keep digging around to see if this is just some stupid stunt or something that is a bigger deal than I realize.

I'm off to enjoy a Saturday at Venice Beach and then to Dodger Stadium to watch my best-record-in-baseball Dodgers show the St. Louis Cardinals that a World Series Championship means nothing when you play the boys in blue! 


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