Madden 13 Surprise

When a back-up quarterback can get his 'move' into a Madden game, you know the world's gone crazy.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

If you ever wanted a visual reminder of the absurdity of the human mind, then read the following.

'Tebowing' will be included in the newest addition of the mega-hit NFL gaming franchise Madden.

That's right, the act of genuflecting on the football field made famous by the now back-up quarterback of the New York Jets, Tim Tebow, has made it into the consciousness of the American people and into the annals of the NFL to such a degree that it was decreed that it must be in Madden 13. The game's creative director, Michael Young, broke the news on his Twitter account.

"Tebowing is in for #madden13." Young Tweeted.

For fans of both Tebow and Madden, this must be the icing on the cake, because you know that come release time, they will be benching current Jets starter Mark Sanchez and inserting their hero into the lead role of the only conceivable SuperBowl run they are going to see this season. Now they can get the full Tebow effect for every play they make.

This latest Madden headline is just one in a slew of 'Tebow-centric' articles that have been published about the man since he decided to take on the Big Apple by storm. A media sensation before coming to New York, the move has sparked even more of a call for Tebow than ever before, and that's without the football aspect thrown in.

Can you image what it's going to be like once camps actually open up and games are being played?

No, I don't think anyone outside of possibly Tebow himself realized what the full extent of his coming to New York entailed, and even he may not be ready for the constant barrage of the cameras.

Recent happenings suggest he is being overly protective about his image; even to the extent of taking on companies making shirts vaguely about him, to asking Broadway stars who had pictures taken with him to remove them from their account because they depict him standing next to scantily clad women (the women were in costume).

With the start of football season — though still months away — getting ever closer, you can expect the amount of Tebow news to steadily increase, whether you want it or not. It's an almost given. What is 100 percent given, is that thanks to Madden, you can now be Tim Tebow to the fullest extent on the field; a little touch of reality that the game is so famous for.

Madden 13 is set to release on on August 28th, 2012 for both X-box 360 and PS3 and will feature Detroit's Calvin Johnson on the cover.

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