8 Injured in Altercation Following Thunder Win

It seems gunshots and hard feelings may have been the result of Oklahoma City beating Los Angeles.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Sometimes the last thing a city needs is to win the 'big game;' especially if that city hasn't experienced success in recent years. Winning the big game, combined with alcohol, usually ends up with people on the street being stupid, followed by police and ambulances being needed.

Such might have been the case in Oklahoma City last night after the Thunder knocked off the Los Angeles Lakers 106-90 to advance to the conference finals where they will take on the San Antonio Spurs. Up for grabs will be a trip to the NBA Finals, where the winner in the West will most likely be considered the favorite.

OKC fans, however, might have taken that excitement to another level. A level that left seven people suffering from gunshot wounds and a pregnant women assaulted.

"All we're hearing from some of the witnesses is there was pushing and shoving in the area,"Capt. Dexter Nelson said. "Apparently a group of girls got into it with some guys. It was shortly thereafter that gunfire erupted."

Though it is being reported that the incident may not have involved people leaving the game, the timing of it, followed by the location — just a few short blocks away — leave a strong impression that high emotions over the Thunders win may have been a motivating factor. Fortunately, only one of the eight wounded is in critical condition, with the other seven in good condition as of Tuesday morning.

As of right now, there have been no arrests, according to Captain Nelson; and police are struggling to track down witnesses, but are checking with nearby businesses that may have surveillance cameras that captured the incident.

There has been no comment from the Thunder organization regarding this incident as of this time.

Photo Credit: AP

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