TechKnow: HP Touchsmart 520-1070 PC

Athena Stamos reviews the HP Touchsmart 520-1070 PC, which runs both Windows & HP's Touchsmart software that optimizes the OS for touchscreen use.

Alex Willsby Alex Wills

This week on TechKnow: Honda has a new mode of personal transportation you can steer with your behind, learn how to take a Jetpack Joyride on your iOS device with our app pick of the week, and HP's Touchsmart desktop works like magic… a magic magic canvas.

One quick personal note about the HP Touchsmart 520-1070 is that it is SUPER powerful! I had the opportunity to check out Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo III using the system.  I wanted to quickly mention that the HP Touchsmart ran this game amazingly well! I had all settings cranked up to max and the touchsmart didn't even hiccup. The graphics looked clear and extremely sharp. The fact that this game really lends itself to a touchscreen style gameplay also didn't hurt.   Tapping the heads of the undead and watching them explode was a very cool experience. It really makes playing Diablo III on any other machine a little dull! – Becky Young: Video Production Manager –

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