8 Pogo Stick Fails

What goes up, must end up in the emergency room.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Pogo stick jumping may never be as popular as skateboarding, but the activities have two important things in common: the potential to do cool looking tricks and the potential to badly injure oneself. Since it’s a lot funnier to focus on the latter, here are 8 pogo stick fail videos:


Pogo Stick In The Nuts Fail

“Ah! My groin!”


Show and Tell Fail

Next week, he can show off his neck brace.


Skateboard Meets Pogo Stick Fail

His mom will say, “that’s why you have to clean up your toys,” and the kid will just groan.


Extreme Pogo Fail

Slippin’ up to the x-treme!


Pogo Stick Ankle Fail

You’ve gotta (pogo) stick your landings.


Pogo Stick Backflip Fail

And that’s when Ryan decided to become a chiropractor.


Pogo Stick Double Backflip Fail

I blame Smashmouth.


9 Pogo Stick Backflips Fail

This is the most win I’ve ever seen in a fail video.


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