10 Hilarious Darth Vader Dubs

Sam Jackson, Kenny Powers and Homer Simpson try on the mask.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The great thing being Darth Vader is that you wear a black mask everywhere you go. If you found a guy about your same size, you could take two weeks off and no one would know. Anyone would need a vacation from the constant star wars-ing! Here are 10 hilarious Darth Vader dubs:


Darth L. Jackson

I have had it with these motherf***ing stormtroopers…


Darth Bender

Bite my shiny, black-metal ass.


Darth Bale

Oh man, remember when Christian Bale was a space-jerk?


Darth Homer

He’s got a thing for women with weird hair.


Darth Hartman

Come to the Dark Side. Learn how to cuss.


Darth Powers

Kenny Powers’ anger has led him to the Dark Side.


Darth Sheen

Some of Charlie Sheen’s ranting actually could be Star Wars dialogue.


Darth Schwarzenegger

Get in the space-choppa!


Darth Wiseau

They need a football on that ship.


Darth Jones

His favorite band? A-HA!


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