7 iPhone Ad Parodies Starring Zooey & Siri

The infamously adorkable commercial gets lampooned online.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Take out your ukulele, order in some cupcakes and paint stripes on your dog to make your own “mini-zebra,” because it’s time to make fun of Quirky Princess Zooey Dechanel. There’s no better place to start than with her grating commercial for the iPhone 4S, so here are 7 iPhone ad parodies starring Zooey and Siri:


Siri Gets Honest With Zooey

Siri’s patience has its limits.


Jooey Deschanel

To be fair, that’s also my favorite Rango.


Clinical Depression

Yeah, I had a feeling something was wrong.


Siri Gets Abusive With Zooey

Computers can be so cruel.


Gross Zooey

Zooey has let herself go… manish.


Sweded Version

She’s so quirky, she has a dry erase iPhone.



That’ll do, Zooey. That’ll do.


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