Christian Slater Shooting Sci-Fi Flick In Regina

New thriller "Stranded" can still take advantage of now-defunct tax credit.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Hollywood heavyweight Christian Slater will be making his way north of the border to work on his latest sci-fi thriller "Stranded," as they will be filming in Regina this summer.

The flick's storyline, which Minds Eye Entertainment said is about a a mysterious infection that contaminates a space station in the not too distant future (Canadian Press), is going to be directed by Roger Christian and is written by Christian Piers Betley. Producer Kevin DeWalt said it is fortunate that "Stranded" was in place before the Saskatchewan government decided to cancel its Film Employment Tax Credit. “It has been difficult raising financing for movies to be shot in Saskatchewan in the shadow of the current uncertainty surrounding the availability of local filming incentives in Saskatchewan past June 30, 2012,” he said in a news release (as reported by the CP). "We’re fortunate for this one that the wheels were in motion long before this decision came down. Unfortunately on a go-forward basis, this lack of stability and support from the government is chasing away our investors on future projects shot in Saskatchewan.”

Slater is known for a variety of roles that he has tackled, including big-screen projects like "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves," "Untamed Heart," "Bobby," and "Interview with a Vampire." He has also appeared on the small screen in different television series, such as "My Own Worst Enemy," "The Forgotten" and doing voicework for the grown-up cartoon "Robot Chicken." He has been nominated for five MTV Movie Awards and won one (for Best Kiss with Marisa Tomei in "Untamed Heart").

Filming of "Stranded" will begin July 3rd at the Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios in Regina.


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