Funny Pages – Baby Congress is In Session

Bieber bashes, Brady clashes and Baby congress is here!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From punching paparazzi to beachside pranks and back to Boston with Tom Brady; today’s videos have everything wicked that this way comes.


Dailymotion  – Justin Bieber, boyfriend of Selena Gomez, gets rough with paparazzi (link)

Justin Bieber has been accused of getting in to it with the paparazzi. And NOW you can get in to being Justin Bieber in this new fight simlation game… or is this actually just a Japanese news report?! What… the….hell frak?!


Break  – Fake Treasure Chest Prank (link)

Aside from the fact that this is clearly a Fake Harry Potter treasure chest prank, it’s still a pretty damn good prank.


Podpocalypse – 101 Ways to Rock (link)

This bizarre mash up of 101 cliché’d Rock Scenes… more or less.


College Humor – Jake and Amir I.T. Guy (link)

I’m pretty much hoping the I.T. guy is a reoccurring character that comes back to destroy Amir in all future videos… even ones on other people’s websites.


Dorkly – River City Ransom Girlfriend (link)

Violence will mend my broken heart! Best… statement… ever.

UCB Comedy – Baby Congress (link)

Get Ready for CBS’s newest hit show.. BABY CONGRESS!


And that’s the best UCB has to offer this whole month.


Funny Or Die – Tom Brady's Wicked Accent (link)

I love Matt Damon!

Cool bra’


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get Bourne Again. (see what I did there? Matt Damon!)

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Here’s some bonus fun: