10 People Who Love Amercia

Are you with Mitt Romney?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Mitt Romney’s campaign released an iPhone app called “With Mitt,” where you can take photos and layer-over text supporting his election campaign. The only problem? One of the templates reads, “I’m With Amercia.” Still, many people, groups and cartoon characters support his decision to misspell the country’s name. Here are 10 people who love Amercia:


Ralph Wiggum

Romney lose? That’s unpossible! [via]


This Tea Party Protester

If they’re gonna live here, they’ve got to lern our langage! [via]


Donald Trump

He’s gonna buy all the iPhones that downloaded the app and destroy them. A delightful couple of days. [via]


The Inventor of the Etch-A-Sketch

“Can’t you just shake the app and start over? That’s the whole fun of my product.” [via]



He’s always surrounding himself with things that self-destruct. [via]


George W. Bush

"As the decider, he’d get to spell it however he wants." [via]


Unusually Stupid Americans

Sorry, Amercians. [via]



Running mate? Gooby plz. [via]


Harry Altman From Spellbound

That face says it all. [via]


President Obama

Forward — with spell-check. [via]


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