Eton Rukus Solar Bluetooth Speaker Rocks

Beach bums and do-it-yourself'ers alike will drool over the sick sounds of the Eton Rukus Solar.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Living in Southern California, Venice Beach to be exact, there are endless opportunities to spend time outside.  One weekend I'm at the beach, the next I'm camping, and the next I'm sitting out on my patio fixing my bike so I can bum around town.  I don't know a single person that doesn't love to throw on some tunes while they're spending some time outside.  But, portable music is not always convenient.  The days of the big boombox are gone, and there seems to be a lack of products on the market that give listeners the chance to enjoy music while out with their friends.

May I introduce you all to the Eton Rukus Solar.

She looks good doesn't she?

Take a look at her fine ass.

Yes, we did hire "It" from the Addams Family to help model for our photo shoot.

So lets get down to brass tacks on this sweet speaker system.

Here are the three most important features of the Eton Rukus Solar:

As you can see from the photos above, it is small, sleek and easy to carry, yet it packs a huge punch.  The bass boost rounds out the sound without being "boomy" and delievers an ability to enjoy a wide array of music styles.

By far the best powered speaker unit I have ever used.  You do have the option to use the AC adapter to get that first charge going, but from then on, as long as you're outside the sun will supply the rest.  The top of the unit is covered with a solar panel and keeps the sounds flowing all day long.

Finally, the best part is connectivity.  The Rukus Solar has the standard USB or Mini Plug capabilities, but even better, you can connect to the Rukus Solar via bluetooth from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or PC.


If you want even more info about the Eton Rukus Solar or want to get one for yourself you can visit the Eton Rukus Web site.