New ‘Dexter’ Character Teases Season 7 Villains

The addition of actress Katia Winter seems to indicate that Dexter will be going up against an Eastern European crime syndicate.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

During the sixth season of "Dexter," Michael C. Hall's title character spent the majority of his time chasing a man who didn't exist outside of another man's psychosis. But in the upcoming seventh season, Dexter will probably have a lot more to worry about than imaginary villains.

According to TVLine, Katia Winter (Arena) has signed on to recur on "Dexter" season 7 as a Russian stripper working at a night club in Miami. On its own, Winter's new role doesn't initially sound that significant. But if her multiple appearances are taken in conjunction with the recently cast Ray Stevenson's " high-ranking member of an Eastern European crime ring," it certainly appears that Dexter will be facing adversaries on a much larger scale than he is used to.

Stevenson's character reportedly comes to Miami to discover who killed one of his associates; which likely means that Dexter is the man responsible for that. If Stevenson's character was the only person connected to the crime ring, it would probably mean that the angle wasn't that important to the season long story. But the only other announced addition to the "Dexter" cast is Jason Gedrick, who will play the owner of the night club that employs Winter's character. If Gedrick's character is running Russian strippers then it is very feasible that a place like that would be frequented by more than one member of the Eastern European mob…

Of course, this is just speculation based upon the currently available information. There's no indication yet if Stevenson is the main adversary for the seventh season or if there is someone else waiting in the wings.

"Dexter" season 7 will kick off on Sunday, September 30 on Showtime.