Act of Valor: Exclusive Deleted Scene

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming Blu-ray release, real life Navy SEALs spend Christmas thinking about True Lies.

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"You guys seen True Lies, right? There are some damned good quotes in that movie."

Act of Valor made an impression on audiences last February by casting real life Navy SEALs – you know, those guys who got Osama Bin Laden – as themselves in an action-packed tale about fighting terrorists with a plot against America. What they didn't see was this scene, a CraveOnline exclusive, showing the stars of the film in their off-hours, trying not to think of their families at Christmastime by reminiscing about James Cameron's action classic True Lies. It's but one of the many special features available on the Act of Valor Blu-ray, available on June 5. Enjoy!