7 Embroidered Kanye West Tweets

Harder Better Faster Softer

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The bizarre tweets of rapper Kanye West have been remixed in a number of ways, from grandma readings to Josh Groban songs. Now, even the Etsy crowd has a take on Kanye’s Twitter account: you can buy hand-sewn and framed versions of Kanye’s weird ramblings. Here are 7 embroidered Kanye West tweets:


Water Bottle

If you take care of that water bottle, maybe you can have that pet bag of trail mix.



The story of my life.



Watch out for ninjas, Kanye. I hear they often flip out and take dudes' heads off.



It’s a hard life.



A moment of pure musical genius.


Wu Tang



Units of Measurement

I prefer the s*** ton, myself.


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