Williams is the New Black… of Doom

Wake up and squirt some hate on your toothbrush.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

The Bad pop machine is in full effect again, as a new names tries to tear away the crown for the worst internet child pop jerk singer ever. Yes Rebecca Black, move over, your time to shine is just a fading blemish on an otherwise terrible accomplishment.


Meet the new face of terror. Jessica Williams.

Produced and strung up to die on the internet by ‪JumpStarRecords who for the record, and not to make a horrible pun… (too late), tout themselves as ‘The World’s Number One Record Label”. With their 68 subscribers , 2 videos and rainbow of destruction. They could have invented AIDS and had more positive support.

So without further ado, here’s the horror they have unleashed on the internet… in a song, about brushing your teeth everyday. WTF JSR, WTF!?


And the internet is NOT happy about it, one bit.

Reactions on youtube, twitter, and other places have been brutal.


From youtube:

I got a youtube account just to say how much i hate this…1. digital enhancement to your voice does not count as talent 2. just because you have a good computer to add effects and digital enhancement to your voice doesn't mean you should use it 3. there is this thing in music im sure you're not aware of called A KEY.like for music…and generally when your music in the back is in one key you are suppose to sing in that key…WHICH YOU DIDNT



Are we really gonna start over with this? First it was "My Jeans", then "Friday", then "Hot Problems", andnow this song. It's obviously just a plot to get publicity and all you guys are doing is helping these people's bad plans work.



i just wannahigh five you in the face, with a chair..



and this video response.


What do you think?