I’m Now Fine with Co-op in Dead Space 3

It works better than you might have expected. Seriously.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


When Dead Space 3 was announced roughly a week ago, along with the reveal that the game would support cooperative play, I was not that thrilled. I love Dead Space for the franchise’s creepy atmosphere and tone. The addition of cooperative play seemed contradictory to what Dead Space is all about. But then I saw cooperative play in action at E3 and left the demo fully in support of co-op’s introduction.

Here’s why: co-op in Dead Space is entirely optional. You can play the game alone and get the full story and experience. Or, you can play with a friend and the game’s cinematics and story beats shift to cater to two players on screen. That’s right, the story of Dead Space 3 is completely adaptive to if you have two players playing or not. Whether you play solo or cooperatively, you’re getting the same story, only certain aspects play out differently depending on the way you choose to play. Think of Dead Space 3’s cooperative mode as a “What If”/alternative telling of the single player campaign.

Therefore, if you don’t want to experience Dead Space 3 with a buddy, you absolutely do not have to. You can fly solo just like in the first two games. Then, if you want to see what the experience is like with a friend after the fact, load up the game in cooperative mode and see how the story dovetails. It’s actually a pretty neat and smart approach to cooperative play for the franchise…

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