Your Guide to Euro 2012

From England to Spain, all the teams listed and rated.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Euro 2012 has begun! Here is a detailed look at the teams who will be competing for international glory in the group stages of the tournament, and be sure to stay tuned for all the latest results on Crave Online over the next month!

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Where: Poland/Ukraine

When: Friday, June 8th – Sunday, July 1st



The Groups

Group A

Czech Republic





Favourite: Russia with odds of 20/1

Key player: Andrei Arshavin (Russia)

Analysis: The weakest of the four groups, Group A is lacking a side that looks capable of progressing beyond the quarter-finals despite possessing some talented players among them. Russia are the favourites to advance with Arsenal's Andrei Arshavin leading the charge, with Czech Republic tipped to progress also – the presence of the indomitable Petr Cech in their goal will give them a vast upper hand defensively on the other squads.

Crave Online's Verdict: Russia to win the group, Czech Republic runners-up.


Group B






Favourite: Germany with odds of 3/1

Key player: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Analysis: The most hotly contested group of the tournament, Germany, Holland and Portugal could all potentially win the tournament, but only two will make it through to the quarter-finals. Germany are the favourites to win the group with Mario Gomez and the returning Mesut Ozil likely to make a tremendous impact, but Holland's Robin van Persie and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the world's greatest footballers and will no doubt have their own influence on this difficult group.

Crave Online's Verdict: Germany to win the group, Holland runners-up.


Group C



Rep. of Ireland



Favourite: Spain with odds of 11/4

Key player: David Silva (Spain)

Analysis: World Cup winners Spain are undoubtedly the favourites to top the group, with Croatia and Rep. of Ireland vast outsiders. Italy have a quick and young team (a far cry from the squad they showed up to the last World Cup with), but the match-fixing scandal that they are currently embroiled in (which saw Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti almost order them to not take part in the tournament) is likely to have an effect on the squad's morale. Also, expect every player on each team to try and provoke a red card out of Mario Balotelli.

Crave Online's Verdict: Spain to win the group, Italy runners-up.


Group D






Favourite: France with odds of 10/1

Key player: Karim Benzema (France)

Analysis: France should take the top spot in Group D with their solid offence, with the most heated battle of the group likely to be England's uphill struggle against dethroning Sweden from their position as runners-up. The England squad has suffered a number of injuries since Roy Hodgson announced who he would be taking to Uruguay/Poland with him, with Gary Cahill the latest to miss out on representing his country. Rooney's suspension will do nothing to help their cause either, with it looking increasingly hopeful for Sweden that they will progress to the quarter-finals.

Crave Online's Verdict: France to win the group, England runners-up (we hope).


And Crave Online's Predicted Winner of Euro 2012 is…


Although Germany have a well-rounded and developed squad who we predict will be more hungry for the glory of winning a major tournament than the Spaniards, their difficult opening group should wear them down more than Spain's comparatively easy ride.