More Proof Kevin Durant Is On Top Of The World

[Video] He's on his way to the NBA Finals, and now the rest of us learn he's starring in an upcoming movie. See the trailer for "Thunderstruck" here.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Wednesday evening Kevin Durant and his Oklahoma City Thunder became the first team in 14 years not named the Spurs, Lakers or Mavericks to win the West and garner a trip to the NBA Finals. Just minutes following the game, TNT premiered the trailer for his upcoming movie "Thunderstruck," which stars the NBA scoring champion, playing himself. The flick doesn't appear to be Space Jam, but looks mildly entertaining, depicitng what would happen when a high school kid with no talent swaps 'game' accidentally with the NBA star.

Watch for yourself. But whether you like the looks of the movie or not, this is just further proof that Durant is on top of the world right now. The only thing better would be an NBA championship, which he might just see in a matter of days.