Meet Your Overly Attached Girlfriend

She’ll never let you go. Not even after she’s strangled you to death.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

“She monitors your sleeping / she reads your emails, too / you’d like to break it off with her / but she won’t allow that, dude” – that’s a verse of a song I’m writing for the new meme, Overly Attached Girlfriend, partly as a tribute and partly as a warning to those who dare date her. Beware… beware…


“JB Fanvideo”

Bieber fever infects another young mind.



This relationship has gotten off to a great start.



And they’re all videos of you doing musical theater… yikes…



Is that how love works?


Carly Rae Jepsen

That’s not how the song goes, but don’t let that stop your insanity.



The status she’s talking about? A Farmville update.



What? You went inside Wendy?!


Good Night

Or… maybe I’ll watch some TV for a bit.


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