8 Very Awkward Pranks

Bystanders just don’t understand.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The viral comedy group LAHWF (Losing All Hope Was Freedom) is dedicated to going out into the world and making everyone they meet feel a little less comfortable. Witness the highly relatable weirdness they spread in their videos. Here are 8 very awkward pranks:





Almost Picking Up Chicks

Story of my life.


Staring At People

He’s winning a staring contest you didn’t even know you were having.


Holding Peoples’ Hands

He didn’t think you were someone else. He knew you were the woman of his dreams.


Walking Too Close To People

Texting will kill us all.


Push ‘n’ Pull

It’s that Far Side comic come to life!


Drop ‘n’ Go

Those papers just have the launch codes on them. Not a big deal.


Almost Picking Up Older Women

So close, yet not going that far.


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