DC Axes ‘Voodoo,’ ‘Captain Atom’ & ‘Resurrection Man’

DC confirms the titles axed to make room for the Third Wave of the New 52 with their September "#0" solicits.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Voodoo #0

We knew it was coming when DC announced their Third Wave of the New 52 last week, and now we know which four books are being canceled to make room for Talon, Sword of Sorcery, Team 7 and Phantom Stranger. Those books will be Justice League International, Voodoo, Resurrection Man and Captain Atom. JLI's last issue is in August, and the other three have their final issues during the "#0" month of origin stories in September.

Interestingly enough, however, those canceled titles and the previous six books which got the ax when the Second Wave came out might be able to find some second life in the anthology series DC Universe Presents, as evidenced by their #0 issue solicitation, which is apparently featuring the return of O.M.A.C., Blackhawks, Mr. Terrific and Hawk and Dove. Dan DiDio, Tony Bedard, James Robinson and Rob Liefeld are all contributing to that issue, presumably as a way to wrap up any storylines they couldn't before. Alas, no Static Shock?

DCU Presents #0


We've already seen the cover of Sword of Sorcery #0, which features the return of Amethyst, but here are the other three new series debuting with #0 – Talon #0, Phantom Stranger #0 and Team 7 #0. Again, methinks the unifying theme of the covers for this stunt is going to confuse people, which isn't the best of of plans when one's designing the whole event to be a jump-on point for new readers. Talon doesn't even have its name anywhere on the cover.


Talon #0


Phantom Stranger


Team 7


And here are the covers of the final issues of Voodoo, Resurrection Man and Captain Atom.




Resurrection Man


Captain Atom