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From bad baby singers to Anna Torv and morv!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Fringe’s Anna Torv takes on the beat, and flashes her fringe to fill a quota, 3 year old sings if you can call it that, a subway rider loses his Shlitz and crutch and much more here on the funny pages. Bringing you what’s funny on the front pages of the funniest web video comedy sites on the web.


Dailymotion  – 3 Year-Old Sings Gotye (link)

This kid sounds just like him, with marbles in his mouth, on fire… covered in maple syrup and fireants.. also on fire.


Break  – Cripple Goes Crazy (link)

I’m guessing this guy is made because this tool bag is recording vertically with his phone. That totally gets my goat too!



Podpocalypse – S*^ts, B^%ches and Wh*%@s! (link)

Oh it on now, Ben Feldman stands up for men’s rights, to call chicks… just about anything.


College Humor – Can I Give You A Ticket? (With Anna Torv) (link)

She can clock me doing 85 anytime.


Dorkly – Babality Is a Big Responsibility (link)

Damn, when I saw the words babality I though it was gonna be Mortal Kombat in bikinis… which is pretty much just normal mortal Kombat.


UCB Comedy – Bad Waiter (link)

Do you tip 10% on this kind of thing or is that passé?


Funny Or Die – Bring Back The Bush (link)

Ah, it’s time for a new, new renassance. Time for an artisitic rebellion, time for … bush, and I’m not talking Sophia. Although actually she’s fantastic, so I’m ok with that as well.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get all arty and stuff, yo.

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