100 Misconceptions Debunked

Youtubers take on 100 of the weirdest myths and lies of the universe!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Youtubers from all the globe are posting videos with misconceptions, myths, erroneous factoids and more lies that people believe are true!



C. G. P. Grey hits up ten misconceptions most people have heard of and misconceived.

From seeing the great wall of China on the international space station to eating spiders in your sleep, CGPGrey takes on misconceptions most of us have heard.


Vlog Brothers

John Green of the vlog brothers, covers ten commonly heard, but misconceived notions.


Ryfizzle10 Takes on the Bible

Finally taking on the facts that matter, Ryfizzle debunks some famous biblical misconceptions.

From the Apple that brought down Adam and Eve to the world’s largest Arc!



From Harry Potter to Ireland and Regina Specter to human biology this Irish vlogger takes on some of her favorite misconceptions.



Taking on some really sick misconceptions.


The1janitor exposes 50 myths!

Finally filling in the gaps, the1Janitor (with a few repeats) takes on the rest of the list!