Is The Lone Ranger is in Trouble Again?

The budget has soared, the production is weeks behind schedule. Is it worth the trouble?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Who would have thought a western would be this much trouble? Years ago, when Jerry Bruckheimer announced the remake as a Disney tentpole release, The Lone Ranger seemed like a slam dunk. Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp were reuniting from their Pirates of the Caribbean days, all was well with the world. But right before production was scheduled to start, the film wound up in the ditch over budget concerns. Verbinski delayed the start date and sacrificed a large portions of his reportedly $275 million-plus budget to get the film back off the ground. Filming got underway in February. Now, Hollywood Reporter is saying that The Lone Ranger is days or even weeks behind schedule, and the budget has ballooned back up to over $250 million.

What the heck happened? Wasn't the entire delay an attempt to avoid this kind of thing? Well, yes, but sh*t happens, especially when you're making a period piece. A lot of the budgetary problems are reportedly the result of the period trains used in The Lone Ranger, which the production decided to build from scratch for some reason. The weather has also been an issue, with reports coming in of wind and dust storms that wreaked havoc on the film's desert sets. 

While Disney has yet to take action against these setbacks, it seems unlikely that they're going to put the hammer down now. At this point, with shooting about a month away from completion, they'll probably need to grin and bear it in the hopes of making their money back in theaters. Gore Verbinski, Johnny Depp and Jerry Bruckheimer remain major box office draws, after all. But in the post-John Carter era, we can't imagine The House of Mouse is too happy about this.

CraveOnline will be back with more The Lone Ranger news after they hy o all that silver away.