Ex-NFL Player Causes Fire, Blames God

'God' and marijuana leads football player to burn down his apartment.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Marijuana in America is slowly making its way to becoming legal. Many states have legalized it for medical purposes and even though federally it's all illegal, Uncle Sam can't seem to get a handle on keeping it under wraps. Well, thanks to Kevin Marcus Ellison, an arena football player for the Spokane Shock and former San Diego Chargers linebacker and defensive back, they have one more bullet in their arsenal of arguments in keeping it illegal.

Ellison, while smoking a marijuana blunt, apparently heard the voice of God. That voice told him to burn his apartment down, which he promptly did.

According to police reports, Ellison was lying in bed early Thursday morning, smoking a blunt when he started a fire that eventually caused over $50,000 in damage to his apartment and neighboring apartment units. His roommate, Shock teammate Chris Tucker, was awakened by smoke detectors and tried to check on Ellison in the bedroom before fleeing. He later told investigators he knocked on Ellison’s door and Ellison said “I’m good” but did not open the door. Tucker left the apartment and notified other tenants.

As Tucker was alerting neighbors of the fire, Ellison was leaping out of his third floor, Liberty Lake apartment.

When initially asked about the blaze, Ellison told authorities that he was smoking a cigar and that the fire was an accident. Later that night, however, Ellison was at the hospital when he told Spokane Valley Deputy Fire Marshal Clifton Mehaffey that he’d set the fire with a cigar “because ‘God’ had told him to set the bed on fire.” Mehaffey said Ellison stopped talking to him after he called a family member and was advised to get a lawyer.

Later Thursday, a federal agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives contacted Shock general manager Ryan Rigmaiden, who said Ellison told him he started the fire with a marijuana blunt at the advice of God, according to court documents.

Ellison, who has been officially suspended by the league, is facing a federal arson charge. There is no word if God is being sought out for questioning in the incident.

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Photo Credit: AP