7 Videos of Tennis Players Losing Their S***

Nalbandian isn't the only tennis player who has let his anger get the better of him.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Most people don't consider tennis to be a particularly violent sport, but the line judge in the AEGON Championship final last Sunday (June 17) would probably tell you differently, after leaving home with a bloodied shin after being kicked by disqualified competitor David Nalbandian. 

But Nalbandian isn't the only tennis player who has lost his temper in the heat of the moment. Here are 7 videos of tennis players losing their shit:


Nalbandian Kicks Out in Frustration

In terms of players injuring innocent bystanders it isn't exactly Eric Cantona' s kung fu kick, but David Nalbandian's seemingly unintentional punt to the leg of the line judge will probably have left a bruise in the morning.


Youzhny Vs. Racket

Hey Youzhny. Stop hitting yourself.


Why So Serious?

We're sure perms and shorts that stretched no further than your right testicle were considered intimidating items of clothing back in he 80s.


"We're in America!"

I bet tennis matches aren't as poorly officiated in North Korea.


The Second Best Tennis Racket Smash of All Time

Andy Roddick gives it his best shot, but his lack of spontaneity in crippling his tennis racket unfortunately puts him in second place, just behind…


The Best Tennis Racket Smash of All Time

Fernando Gonzalez is the undisputed champion of Smashing S*** Up, really showing his sporting equipment who's boss in his match against Roger Federer. The commentator brands Gonzalez's demolishing of his racket as a "very intelligent" move – if he thinks that's intelligent, he should see what I do to my Xbox 360 controller when playing FIFA.


McEnroe Vs. Orange Juice

Watch as McEnroe and his tight perm take their frustrations out on a chair and an innocent bottle of orange juice. Despicable. You wouldn't get this kind of outrageous behaviour in any other sport.