6 Drive Thru Magic Tricks

Would you like fries with that illusion?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Rahat is a prankster magician who’s been featured on G4 and tosh.0. Judging by Rahat’s YouTube videos, he prefers working in drive thru lines rather than magic clubs, where he gets big reactions from cashiers and burger flippers. I guess David Blaine doesn’t drive thru Burger King that often. Here are 6 drive thru magic pranks:


Floating Money

The perfect way to ensure superstitious McDonalds employees will not take your cash.


Fire Wallet

Spontaneous wallet combustion.


Smokey Burger

That burger is s-s-s-smokin’ (but, y’know, not really).


Static Shock

Watch out for… tiny lightnings!


Drive Thru Smokey Coffee

…and then he sued everyone of those fast food restaurants.


Floating Cup

It’s Fizzy Lifting Drink.


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