Watch: 20 Minutes of Dead Space 3 Gameplay

See the E3 demo for yourself, with included developer commentary.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


We got a chance to see Dead Space 3 in action at E3 a few weeks back. Now’s your chance to check out the same gameplay footage we saw behind closed doors. Visceral Games has released a 20-minute gameplay demo for Dead Space 3 to the internet masses.

The video introduces you to the new frozen planet the game takes place on, as well as Isaac Clarke’s new co-op buddy, John Carver.

Speaking of co-op, you’ll see how cooperative play actually works in Dead Space 3 in the below video. It’s honestly pretty neat, and keeps the single player experience intact for those who love to play through horror games solo.

Prepare thyself for a lot of necromorphs, big-ass monsters and one massive drill hell-bent on tearing Isaac a new one.