This is REALLY Happening! #66

Its a doomed world and we just live in it. For now... 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Hey, doomed fans of the doomed who are DOOOOOOOMED!

Tune in to the Internet’s most Schadenfreude-iest show this week as the boys discuss:

  • The same store robbed three times in one day. BY THE SAME PERSON!
  • Another jerk calls into 911 to complain about a sandwich.
  • An 8 year old forced to bathe at school.
  • The worlds best (or longest?) burp.
  • A cooked squid finds relief and pleasure in  a woman’s mouth!

All this and a special call to action in this episode of the NEWS OF THE DOOMED!. It’s a sinking ship out there folks, but we’ll be playing the tuba all the way down here on TIRH. As always, you can leave YOUR news of the doomed on the Powers/Carr hotline:  865-4-TIM-SAX.


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WARNING This Show Contains Adult Humor  WARNING
WARNING This Episode Contains Adult Humor WARNING

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Keep your head up and eyes wide folks, its a crazy world out there!


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