Tebow Wins ‘Good Guy’ Award

The popular NFL quarterback just keeps smiling for the camera.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

In a move that can't be classified as 'shocking,' it was announced on Tuesday that Tim Tebow won the 'Good Guy Award' from the Pro Football Writers of America.

This award was given out by the PFWA for his “qualities and professional style in helping pro football writers do their jobs.” Tebow's exposure, huge since joining the NFL, skyrocketed last season when he went from the bench to leading the Denver Broncos to a division crown and playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though hammered by reporters at every turn, Tebow kept the same poise and humility that endeared him to teammates past and present.

“I think Tim handled himself well all season long with the kind of attention few players are asked to contend with at any point in their careers,” said Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post. “Tim not only dealt with the traditional media obligations both locally and nationally, but he was also the focus of many non-traditional media outlets, both from in Denver and across the country. And while he didn’t always let folks peer into his innermost thoughts, he did always conduct himself professionally, with a great deal of respect for both the process and the people who take part in it.”

Since being traded to the Jets this offseason, Tebow has found his already huge media coverage grow even larger. His introductory press conference with the Jets on March 26 was attended by more that 200 members of the press and over 30 TV cameras, a fact that must have excited him tremendously since he said “excited” 44 times on his first day with the jets.

Tebow is the fifth straight quarterback to win this award since it was started in 2005.

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Photo Credit: AP