7 A Capella Skrillex Covers

Dubstep to the human voice.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Dubstep – or as your grandfather might call it, “scary electro-garbage” – is known for its crazy use of synthesizers, turntables and giant bass lines. So you might not think of a capella as the ideal musical genre to cover the music of Skrillex, but that’s why it’s so funny when people try. Here are 5 a capella Skrillex covers:


Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

It’s funny watching someone say “braaaaaugh!”


Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Version 2

20 years later, he becomes President of the United States.





First of the Year

That drum kit is gunning for you.


First of the Year – Version 2

:46 – No towels around, huh?


My Name Is Skrillex

Uh, pleasure to meet you, Skrillex.



Just hangin’ out in the park, making weird noises.


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