Walking Dead #99: Calm Before The Storm

The countdown to #100 is almost over, and this one is still setting the stage slowly.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Walking Dead #99

The countdown to Walking Dead #100 is nearing its end. Issue #99 is here, the last issue before Robert Kirkman unleashes whatever his mind has concocted to begin the series down the next 100 issues. So what kinds of thrills, chills and spills does Kirkman throw our way for issue #99? None, not one, zilch. This is the issue where all the major players get their five minutes so we can get a solid list of who is going to bite the dust in issue #100.

Abraham is dead. In issue #98 the followers of who or whatever Negan is shot him. The community is in a tizzy. Sadness prevails. Rick is trying to figure out how a line of recourse against Negan and his crew of cutthroats. Andrea is there, she’s trying to help soothe Rick’s worries. Carl, Rick’s son, sees witnesses them soothing each other. It doesn’t matter though; Carl has become one cold motherfucker.

Let’s move down a few houses to where Maggie and Glenn are trying to decide if they should leave Rick’s community and go to the new one they’ve discovered. It's huge there, safer, more people and the Negan crowd has an agreement with that community so maybe there will be no death. Then we move to Eugene and the girl he loves who loved Abraham. They get their moment to grieve. Cut to the funeral, where are the rest of the characters we’re not so familiar with congregate to say goodbye to Abraham.

So it goes, on and on until we have seen a glimpse of everybody.  Then, in a move I question, Rick decides to take all the top fighters, including Michonne, and drive back to the other community to try and get Intel on the followers of Negan. This confused me because A.) Rick learned everything there was to know a few issues back and B.) After a vicious attack what leader leaves his flock? It seemed a bit shoehorned in just to make sure Rick’s community was left alone for the imminent attack of the Negan followers.

That’s about the extent of the entire issue. Here’s everybody left of Rick’s crew, here are some of the new people they met and now that you remember everybody I’m going to kill a lot of them. Walking Dead #99 isn’t the most exciting issue, and I would have liked to have seen Kirkman do something a little more interesting than a page by page look at who may or may not die come issue #100. That being said, the issue does what it set out to do. I have a full scope of all the people that are on the line and my anticipation for what comes next is palpable.  If Walking Dead #100 is Christmas morning filled with toys, then issue #99 is Christmas Eve when you get socks and pants from Grandma.

I still hate the art.


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