8 Hilariously Elaborate Domino Set-Ups

Angry Birds, Dr. Who and Conan O'Brien get Domino-ated!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

A Canadian YouTube user named FlippyCat has been uploading elaborate domino videos for six years now. After so many years of creating domino videos, he’s gotten really, really good at it. Check out these 8 hilariously elaborate domino set-ups:


Domino Minecraft

That’sssss a very nice domino recreation you’ve got there…


Dr. Who’s Domino Tardis

So… did the Daleks just win?


Domino Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien can’t stop. Domino Conan O'Brien can’t stop falling down.


Domino Angry Birds

What would make me angry is having to clean up all those dominos.


The Domino Red Carpet

The Dominoscars?


Domino Operation Board Game

The patient should have seen a domino specialist.


Domino Tetris

I want to play this game. Why can’t I play this game?


Domino Virus Destroys Domino PC

That's better than getting the blue dominos of death.


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