Lennie James Hints At His Possible ‘Walking Dead’ Return

James reveals that he was already asked to come back to "The Walking Dead."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this month, AMC officially acknowledged that one of the earliest adversaries from "The Walking Dead" season one will return in a big way during the upcoming third season. But that may not be the only character to come back.

In the pilot episode of "The Walking Dead," British actor Lennie James portrayed widowed father, Morgan Jones alongside Adrian Kali Turner as his onscreen son, Duane. During the first and second seasons of the show, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) attempted to make radio contact with Morgan at several different points. And apparently, the initial plan was for Rick to succeed.

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, James acknowledged that he was asked to come back during the second season and he reiterated his willingness to return if his busy schedule allows it.

"It remains a possibility I could return," said James. "The character I played is away for a long time, so it's kind of up to them whether I stay away or if I come back. There have been a few back and forth conversations and they check up on me every now and then. I had a fantastic time working on the pilot with Andy Lincoln and especially Frank Darabont. He's somebody that I'd [always] wanted to work with and I'm glad I got the opportunity."

"There's a possibility I might go back," continued James. "It just depends on timing-wise if I'm free. At least one of the times they contacted me about it, I was busy doing something else, which I think was actually 'Line of Duty.'"

In addition to currently starring in BBC's "Line of Duty," James is perhaps best known for his memorable roles in "Jericho" and "Human Target," in addition to his appearances in Les Misérables, Snach, Sahara and Outlaw.

In Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's "Walking Dead" comic, Morgan does in fact return and play a larger role in the story. So even if James doesn't come back for the third season, his character could potentially come back in future seasons as well.

"The Walking Dead" season three will begin this fall on AMC.