Simon Cowell interested in Canadian X Factor

British reality show mogul meets with CTV executives.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

With one Cowell reality show in the pooper (it was announced that "Canada's Got Talent" would not continue after one season), it may come as a surprise to know that he is in talks with CTV execs about another Canuck spinoff, this time of his show "X Factor." He had a rushed in-and-out meeting with the network on Tuesday.

"Look at the Canadian talent that's happened, you'd be crazy not to try and do something," Cowell said yesterday while visiting the CTV headquarters in downtown Toronto (according to The Canadian Press). "It starts, I think, with a record label. And could we get the money? Because you've got to get the cash. Have we got enough money to make the show compete with what you would see, say, from the States? Because we can't make an inferior version. And can we do what we've set out to do? If we can get those two elements to agree then we've got somewhere to start."

"X Factor" in the U.S. had a bit of a rocky first season, however FOX is continuing on with the Cowell project, launching season 2 on September 12th with new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, as well as mainstay record producer L.A. Reid. It will air on CTV.

"I don't believe this attitude of, 'We're a smaller country, therefore we can't compete with the U.K. or America.' It's nonsense," Cowell said. "There are countries in the world that do produce local artists who go on to become superstars and I believe that (can be done) in Canada."


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