Imagine TV Plans Modern Day Peter Pan Spinoff

"The League of Pan" will follow the Lost Boys ten years after they left Neverland.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

With the success of of "Once Upon A Time" and "Grimm," it was inevitable that other TV projects with fantasy or fairy tale elements would begin popping up. And now a potential "Peter Pan" sequel series has appeared on the radar.

According to Deadline, Imagine TV and 20th Century Fox TV are developing "The League of Pan," a modern day TV series inspired by J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan." However, instead of following Peter, "The League of Pan" will tell the story of the Lost Boys ten years after they left Neverland. In the original  play and novel by Barrie, the Lost Boys returned to London to live with the Darling family after their adventures with Peter Pan.

"The League of Pan" was conceived by screenwriter Brian McCauley Johnson, who will likely be paired with a veteran showrunner on the pilot script before the project is shopped around to the various TV networks.

This isn't the first time that the Peter Pan story has been reimagined for television. Late last year, Syfy debuted the "Neverland" miniseries (pictured above); which told the story of how Peter Pan (Charlie Rowe) and the Lost Boys came to Neverland alongside their mentor turned nemesis, James "Jimmy" Hook (Rhys Ifans).

"Peter Pan" may also be getting a reimagined feature film as well. The Deadline report also mentions another modern day take on the classic that would cast Hook as a police detective who is attempting to hunt down a "childlike kidnapper" version of Peter.

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