Damon Lindelof Prepares “The Leftovers” For HBO

The co-creator of "Lost" returns to TV by teaming up with novelist Tom Perrotta.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Since the end of "Lost," screenwriter Damon Lindelof has been primarily writing feature films like Prometheus and the upcoming Star Trek sequel. But now, Lindelof may heading back to TV in a major way.

Deadline is reporting that Lindelof has signed on to adapt Tom Perrotta's novel "The Leftovers" into a potential TV series alongside Perrotta himself. "The Leftovers" was originally published in 2011 and it takes place after the Rapture while following the people who didn't make the cut to get into heaven.

Lindelof and Perrotta will co-write the script and executive produce "The Leftovers" pilot. If it gets ordered to series, Lindelof will serve as the showrunner of "The Leftovers."

In addition to co-creating "Lost," Lindelof has previously written for several TV series including "Crossing Jordan," "Nash Bridges," "Wasteland" and "Undressed." Lindelof is also writing a film called 1952 for Disney and handling the rewrites for World War Z.

"The Leftovers" may not be the only TV series in the works by Lindelof. Earlier this year, Lindelof signed a "rich" three year development deal with Warner Brothers TV.

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