The Next Marvel Studios Movie is Guardians of the Galaxy?

Reports have come in that the intergalactic heroes will fill out Marvel's 2014 release schedule and lead directly into The Avengers 2.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


When last we talked to Marvel Studios' President of Production Kevin Feige, he told CraveOnline that Marvel knew what their second superhero film of 2014 was going to be, but that they weren't ready to announce it yet. By sheer coincidence, he also had a lot of information about The Guardians of the Galaxy, confirming that the film would feature the current version of the interstellar superhero team, including such fan favorite characters as Groot (a living tree) and Rocket Raccoon (a rocket raccoon). Oh, but maybe it wasn't a coincidence at all: Latino Review is reporting that The Guardians of the Galaxy is the second Marvel movie of 2014!

Marvel isn't expected to make an official announcement of any kind until their Comic Con panel on Saturday, July 14, but Latino Review seems damned confident about their scoop, indicating that the film will feature the supervillain Thanos, and that it will "lead up to" The Avengers 2 in 2015. On the surface, it might seem a little odd that Marvel would prioritize The Guardians of the Galaxy over other, better known superheroes in their stable – Dr. Strange and Black Panther certainly spring to mind – but dramatically, this move makes sense. Thanos is an intergalactic villain who, like Loki before him, could probably use an entire film to establish him as a threat worthy of getting The Avengers back together.

Besides, The Guardians of the Galaxy are a rip-roaring sci-fi adventure team the likes of which we haven't seen on the big screen in a very long time without the words "Star Trek" or "Star Wars" in the title. And they're obscure enough that Thanos could conceivably kill them all off at the end of the film to solidify his reputation in the Marvel movie universe as the greatest villain to threaten the planet Earth yet. We have no information that this is actually what will happen, but if you look at the upcoming Marvel movies as a single crossover story, The Guardians of the Galaxy would be the perfect place to put what screenwriters refer to as "The Whiff of Death," which raises the stakes before big, climactic final act.

Unless Marvel Studios decide to comment (doubtful), CraveOnline will be back to confirm this news story after their panel at Comic Con 2012.