Is Disney Finally Making an Animated Marvel Superhero Movie?

Reports say yes, but the comic book they've chosen will surprise you.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


It's been an unusually big week for Marvel movie news: first The Human Fly (of all characters) gets snatched up for an independent action movie, then word comes in that The Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to theaters in 2014. But neither of those stories prepared us for the news that Disney is prepping an animated movie adaptation of the hit Marvel Comics series Big Hero 6, which…

Uh… What's Big Hero 6?

For those who don't remember, Big Hero 6 was a superhero team created by Steven Seagle (Sandman Mystery Theater) and Duncan Rouleau (The Great Unknown) in the pages of Alpha Flight in the late 1990s. The team was conceived as a Japanese superhero group that included former X-Man Sunfire and former X-Men villain Silver Samurai. Though relatively obscure, Big Hero 6 starred in not one but two mini-series, in 1998 and again in 2008. It's unclear whether Sunfire or Silver Samurai would be permitted to appear in the motion picture, since both characters are considered part of the X-Men canon, and the movie rights to the X-Men are of course still owned by 20th Century Fox.

Blue Sky Disney (via Coming Soon) claims that the feature film version of Big Hero 6 has been storyboarded but not officially green lit. The comic book adaptation will be the second feature film from Winnie the Pooh director Don Hall, who also worked as a writer on Meet the Robinsons and The Frog Princess. It's on the Grid, which broke the story, reports that Big Hero 6 is currently an open writing assignment – meaning there's no one officially writing it yet – but there's currently an open slot in Disney Animated's schedule for 2014, so we could be seeing the first animated Disney Marvel superhero movie before the next leap year.

CraveOnline will be back with more Marvel superhero movie news after they finally green light Livewires. (Seriously, Marvel? Get on that.)