A College Football Playoff Is Finally Here

After decades of having a 'mythical' national champion, followed by the ridiculed BCS, college football will finally give-in to administering a playoff system -- with some stipulations of course. Brian Vornberg gives his thoughts.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

For years and years the true fans of the sport of college football have been clamoring and waiting.  We have been waiting for a college football postseason system that involved some sort of playoff.  We have been teased in the past, but alas all of our clamoring has finally paid off.

On Tuesday, 11 conference commissioners along with Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick (with a government oversight committee putting on the final touches) officially put in place a 12-year plan for a 4-team college football playoff system set to begin with the 2014 season.  The new system is much-improved from the now previous BCS system on many levels:

–  It still supports the idea of an important regular season for all teams.

–  It keeps the bowl game format alive and well.

–  It will rely on a much more logical, rational, 15-person selection committee to decide which four teams will be chosen to participate.

–  It provides open bidding for national sites who want to participate in hosting the national championship game, thus getting rid of the old four-location rotating format.

Playoffs, as most of us logical, level-headed fans know, have been and will always be the best way to determine a true champion in any sport.  Playoffs provide the truest competitive drama in the world; a format in which truly the best team will almost always come out on top.  Of course there are and will always be exceptions to this as well, which is normal and to be expected.  This fact provides yet more drama still for the sport which we all know and love so passionately.

The new format will also rid us from having to bear witness to some of the horrific BCS game blowouts of recent memory as well, which were primarily due to smaller conferences getting automatic bids, despite their obvious human-like weaknesses when compared to the God-like stature of the teams which they were seemingly forced to compete against.  Now it is simple.  The top four teams will be the top four teams, primarily decided by a committee based primarily on human observations.  It’s as simple as that. 

Tuesday June 26, 2012 was an absolutely momentous day for the sport of college football.  It cannot be denied or described any differently than that. 

All of a sudden, college football has finally decided to trade in its rusty, old BCS system (the worn-out shoes that served no purpose, but the ones which you just could not bring yourself to get rid of, if you will) for a modern “Final Four”, March Madness-like playoff.  And all of those who did the heavy lifting and made this happen should be commended for their efforts.

……now let’s see what happens when the #5 teams start their griping.

Brian Vornberg is the head college football writer for CraveOnline Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @briberg14 or on Facebook.

Photo Credit: AP