Podcast Review: About Last Night…

Looking for your next comedy podcast fix? We’ve got a good one this week.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

This week, we here at CRAVE took a look at the newest and best from comedians Brad Williams (Mind of Mencia, Jimmy Kimmel) and Adam Ray (Human Giant, 2 Broke Girls) over at the Toad Hop Network and their comedic duo’s latest endeavor: About Last Night

When you see a comedian on stage – you only get an hour of their prepared material at most. But now, Brad and Adam fill you in on what happens before, during, and after their sets. They tell hilarious tales from the road-life of standup comedy — subjects as diverse as groupies to sports to gambling to you-name-it.

With all the comedy podcasts on the Internet right now, what sets this pair above the rest is their chemistry. Hands down. Neither of them are overly crass nor playing some sort of angle. They’re honest, quick, and very funny. Adam Ray may have the best Tony Danza impression of all time to boot.

Bottom Line: Every single week there seem to be more and more comedy podcasts that hit the airwaves, this one is best we’ve had in a long time. Dare we say — these two should receive a welcome invitation to your weekly audio schedule.

Oh, and did we mention that if you listen to the live-steam you can call into the show?


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