‘Adventure Time’ Presents Finn’s Greatest Moments

We celebrate Finn's top 5 hero moments from the first season of Cartoon Network's hit series. 

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Back in 2010, "Adventure Time" debuted on Cartoon Network and it quickly won over fans and critics alike with its eccentric and sometimes bizarre sense of humor.

Created by Pendleton Ward, "Adventure Time" follows a fourteen year old boy named Finn and his best friend/adoptive brother, Jake the Dog as they search for adventure and fight evil in the magical Land of Ooo. In Ooo, the rules of reality need not apply and it's rumored that "Adventure Time" takes place in the far future after "the Great Mushroom War" decimated the planet and eventually allowed magic to reenter the world.

Finn may actually be the last human alive in a land filled with bubblegum human hybrids, vampire girls and that jerk, the Ice King. But that hasn't diminished Finn's desire to be a hero or his promise to help anyone in need (except the Ice King). He's just… not always very good at it. Nor is Jake necessarily the best source of guidance for Finn, although his magical size changing powers can come in handy.

And yet there are times when Finn lives up to his potential to be a great hero. To celebrate the pending release of Adventure Time: The Complete First Season on DVD, we've complied a list of Finn's best heroic moments from season one. 

Trouble in Lumpy Space


One of the earliest adventures of Finn and Jake came when Lumpy Space Princess accidentally bit Jake and infected him with her lumpiness. To save his friend, Finn travels with L.S.P. and Jake to Lumpy Space to find a cure. And as Jake's condition gets worse and L.S.P. constantly forgets the urgency of the situation, it's Finn who keeps everyone on task in the search for the antidote. 

When Jake is almost completely Lumpy, Finn infects himself with Lumpiness to cross the Lumpy Abyss and force Jake to take the cure before the change is irreversible. Although Finn and Jake are saved more by blind luck than anything else, Finn still demonstrated just how far he would go to save his friend.   

Ocean of Fear 


Put almost any monster in front of Finn and he'll eagerly fight it. But take him to the beach and watch him shriek in terror.

"Ocean of Fear" introduces Finn's crippling fear of the sea… which is so powerful that it manifests itself as a creature named the Fear Feaster. Jake gamely tries to coax Finn out of his ocean phobia, but Finn loses control of himself and ultimately leaves Jake unconscious and in danger at the bottom of the sea. Unable to bring himself to consciously enter the ocean to save Jake, Finn knocks himself out and drags the Fear Feaster down into the sea with him.

It's not a clear cut victory for Finn, since he still freaked out when he woke up under water. But he still rescued Jake and was declared a hero by three wise men. It's hard to argue with that.

The Enchiridion!

Once Princess Bubblegum recognizes Finn as her hero, she gives him a quest to prove his worth by finding the Enchiridion, a special guidebook for legendary heroes. More than anything else, the quest for the Enchiridion is a test of character. And Jake actually proves to be useful when he points that out to Finn.

Finn is so good-hearted that he helps gnomes escape from lava and he even refuses to step on an ant before slaying the Dark Magician with a swift kick to the crotch. That might be dirty pool in this world, but the guardians of the Enchiridion tell Finn that he's still the most righteous hero that they've ever met.  

City of Thieves



It's been said of Finn that he is almost physically incapable of knowingly doing evil. "City of Thieves" put Finn's purity to the test when he was tricked into stealing a chest by a deceitful young girl named Penny. Feeling betrayed and angered, Finn goes on a crime spree with Jake before they finally catch up with Penny and basically cleanse her of her sins… or so they think. Penny still manages to get the last laugh by making off with Finn's clothes.

But the point of this is that Finn could easily be a villainous thief if he choose to be. He and Jake were actually very effective thieves and Finn definitely showed a darker side to his personality once he was betrayed. The end isn't a great moment of triumph, but at least Finn manages to reclaim his virtue. 

His Hero



One of the reasons that Finn seems to like being a hero is that he's quite good at fighting monsters. Anything else, not so much.

Thus, Finn and Jake faced a unique challenge in "His Hero" after meeting Billy, the greatest warrior who ever lived in Ooo. Now much older and disgusted with the cycle of violence from fighting monsters, Billy tells Finn and Jake to make the world a better place in a non-violent way. And they suck at it. They really, really suck at it. Even when they try to be helpful, Finn and Jake end up creating weapons, armor and they even manage to turn L.S.P. into a cyborg.

Finn re-embraces his violent side to save an old woman's life and he realizes that violence is his gift… and he can still use his talents to be a hero. Finn and Jake even manage to heal Billy and reawaken his old spirit when they share what they've learned.

Finn definitely isn't a perfect hero, but at least his heart is in the right place.