Baseball Meets ‘The Avengers’

B. Redd Reddoch uses quotes from The Avengers to describe how the first half of the MLB season has been.

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch

What better way to look back over the first half of the 2012 baseball season than through the prism of the summer’s biggest movie, The Avengers.

Much like Nick Fury showed that a strong team is better than strong individuals, baseball this season has been defined by clubs made up of several great guys instead of a couple of superstars. With some help from some memorable quotes, let's take a look of how we got here.
“There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people” – Nick Fury               
The Texas Rangers just look like they are having a fun time. They are loose. They are smiles. While the Angels may surge and close the gap down the stretch… the Rangers are just having fun playing ball.

“That guy’s brain is a bag filled with cats. You can smell crazy on him.” – Bruce Banner     
In the past year, the White Sox have made moves that looked like they were rebuilding yet trying to win now. Considering they are in first place when no one expected it, let’s call it what it is. GM Ken Williams is crazy… like a fox.

“I still believe in heroes.” – Nick Fury      
The Cardinals have played like a club looking to win it all again. David Freese and Lance Lynn helping the Red Bird nation forgetting that guy Albert.  

"“Is everything funny to you?” – Captain America
“Funny things are.” – Tony Stark"             
To the Oakland A’s who are playing .500 ball despite having a team built for 2014.

“Still, you are pretty spry, for an older fellow.” – Iron Man            
Let’s have a round of applause for Mr. R.A. Dickey. He was barely on the baseball map at the beginning of the season and now he is pulling a pitcher's version of Roy Hobbs.

“I don't get always what I want.” – Bruce Banner
To the Doyers faithful who forgot a year ago where they wished for a new owner and a rebuild. Now that they are flirting with the playoffs they want to trade the future for now.             

“At this point I doubt anything would surprise me.” – Captain America   
The Cleveland Indians are fielding a team of no bodies and over-the-hills. They are like the realization of ‘Major league’.

“I’ll need a distraction.” – Hawkeye         
The Miami Marlins’ off-season acquisition of Jose Reyes, a new stadium and new branding took the attention away from the team. Add Ozzie Guillen’s PR faux paux and you have major distractions. They are a Zambrano clubhouse poisoning to finish the job.

“They surely are [dangerous]. And the whole world knows it. Every world knows it.” – Nick Fury               
I'd hate to face the Mets in a short play-off.

“I'm bringing the party to you.” – Iron Man         
The Nationals are in first with a solid young team getting stronger by the day. Best part is they are playing like they aren’t afraid. This is the Nats year and they are bringing the party to a stadium near you.

“You’re going to lose. … Its in your nature” – Agent Coulson        
The Pirates can’t be this good.

“I'd sit this one out, Cap… These guys come from legend, Captain. They're basically gods.” – Black Widow The Orioles are playing over their head lately. They are playing in the toughest division in baseball where every team has a winning record and they have a negative 26 run differential.

“You've got homework. You've got a lot of homework.” – Pepper Potts
Dbacks, Rays, Atlanta, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh will all have to do some serious homework and decide if they want to invest more into this year via trade.

“Regimes fall every day, I tend not to weep over that. I’m Russian.” – Black Widow          
Oh, you Phillies! Mighty and strong for a good long stretch but your window has closed.

“I think we need a time-out.” – Agent Coulson  
The Red Sox had a season filled with drama, then an off-season of turmoil and then started this season with a rough month of dugout and locker room fights.

“You really have got a lid on it, haven't you? What's your secret?” – Tony Stark   
The Twins have slipped into a coma with no hope of waking. In fact, this is probably the most you’ll ever think of the Twins this season.

"“Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?” – Captain America
“Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” – Tony Stark"         
The Yankees. Oh, those smug arrogant Yankees. They are sitting in first, as usual, with a $200 million payroll. Of course, if I was from New York) then I would be my usual smug, content self and wouldn’t care how I was in first.

“I’m working” – Natassa Romanoff [as she is tied up to a chair being interrogated]           
Anyone else have the feeling that Detroit has the White Sox and Indians just where they want them? The Tigers are simply too good to be a third place team in the AL Central. If they can pick up a strong starting pitcher, they will start to see more wins.

"“You think you can hold them off?” – Captain America
“Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure.” – Hawkeye"             
Dear Trout, Harper, Rizzo, Zimmerman, Lynn, Parker, Smyly, Reed, Cespedes and Darvish,
You're making us look bad and are taking our jobs. We hate you. Sincerely, Veterans.

“You people are so puny … and tiny.” – Thor       
Let's assign this to Dwight Howard and the NBA for making baseball look so good lately.