5 Funny Episodes of The Front Desk

Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and J.B. Smoove act very weird in hotels.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Need a Lutz-fix while 30 Rock is on hiatus? Whatever your answer, check out this funny web series from Above Average Network (the digital arm of Lorne Michael’s Broadway Video), which stars Jon Lutz as Christopher, the front desk clerk at a hotel with some very strange customers. Here are the first 5 episodes of The Front Desk:


“Triplets” with Bill Hader

This is like one of those logic puzzles from school, only a nightmare version.


“Turn Down” with Paula Pell

This lady’s crazy, doggone it.


“Hotel Amenities” with J.B. Smoove

I’m lost too, Lutz!


“Author” with Miriam Tolan

Actually, The Unpettable Cat sounds like a pretty great book.


“Vow of Silence” with Fred Armisen

Another good book idea: The Unpunchable Cat.


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