Comic Con 2012: David Slade ISN’T Directing Daredevil

But Fox has to go into production by Fall 2012 or the rights will revert to Marvel Studios and Disney.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Hard Candy director David Slade seemed like a great choice to direct Fox’s Daredevil sequel/reboot. So it’s too bad that he won’t be making it after all. Deadline announced today, in the midst of Comic Con 2012, that the new Daredevil movie is seeking a new director. Immediately.

If Fox doesn’t get started on a new Daredevil movie by this fall, the rights could revert back to Marvel Studios and Disney. Obviously, for comic book fans this would be cause for celebration, but with high- and even medium-profile comic book properties in short supply – and comic book movies still the toast of Hollywood – even the most hardcore Matt Murdock fans can understand Fox’s reluctance to let go of the property, even if Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 film was considered a disappointment.

Fox reportedly has a script it likes – or, if we’re reading between the lines, potentially just willing to settle for given the time constraints – but Slade decided to leave the project due to time constraints with shooting the pilot episode of “Hannibal.”