Woman And Dead Boyfriend Watch NASCAR

A Michigan woman keeps her boyfriend around for 18 months after he dies.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Considering the high rate of divorces and failed relationships, when you find a good partner it's probably best that you hold on tight and enjoy the ride. However, if that partner were to, say, die one day, then it's probably for the best not to keep them around the house.

For Linda Chase of Jackson, Michigan, she decided to keep her deceased boyfriend around for about a year and a half after he died.

That's right, for approximately 18 months, Chase kept the body of her 10 year boyfriend, Charlie Zigler, right there in the living room where he died. During that span, Chase would change his clothes and clean his body, all the while enjoying their favorite pastime, watching NASCAR, as well as having conversations.

Hopefully one-sided conversations, but with the type of story this is, you never know.

"It's not that I'm heartless. It's just that after so many bad things happen to you, I don't know." Chase told the Jackson Citizen Patriot. "I didn't want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me."

To add a more normal and understandable twist to the story, Chase also kept cashing Zigler's Social Security checks after he died. An act in which she innocently replied "I'm probably going to prison."

Zigler's body was found by authorities who were checking on him after relatives reported that they were unable to get a hold of him. Obviously, since it was 18 months after the fact, he wasn't close with these relatives.

It is being reported that Zigler died of natural causes, in his favorite chair, where he remained since around Christmas 2010.

As common sense would dictate, Linda Chase is currently under investigation by local officials. She may also be up for a 'greatest NASCAR fan' award as well.

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Photo Credit: AP