The Best of Jake and Amir

College’s Humor can be Odd, and this odd couple rules it.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

The College Humor odd couple of angst Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld have been around since 2007 and if you didn’t know any better they’re the only ones running things at CH.

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And things have changed a lot since this early Desktop Prank video:


In no particular order, here are the best videos from Jake and Amir.


Six Flags

Good Times.


Interrogator Part 1 (with Ben Schwartz)

One of my personal favorites, because it features comedic genus Ben Schwartz.



Amir brings his daughter to work, for fun times!


Girlfriend Pt. 2 (Aragorn)

It’s not all calling each other out (or rather Jake calling Amir out), sometimes there’s actually a touch of love.



Yet another of my personal favorites, this has some of the best back and forth or the odd balls couple of verbosity.



Speaking changing things up, the boys actually make it outside the office.

Apparently Jake’s becomes Amir when he leaves the confines of the office.


Come Again

Pat finds his way in to the talons of doom!… or the thigs of Amir.. whatever, funny times!


Office Fantasy

Their all time most watched video, however remains to be this one that came out way back (in internet terms of time) in 2008.