Comic-Con 2012: Watch The First 2 Minutes of ‘Dexter’ Season 7

Dexter attempts to explain an awkward situation to his sister... and he almost succeeds.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Have you ever had a family member walk in on you during the least opportune moment? Or catch you figuratively with your pants down?

It happened to Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) at the end of "Dexter" season 6. Except Dexter's secret is that he kills criminals who would otherwise escape justice; which his adoptive sister (and recently promoted Police Lieutenant) Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) probably wouldn't understand. One of the major questions of the entire series has focused on how Debra will take it once the truth about Dexter is revealed.

And the early answer is "probably not well."

A few weeks ago, TV Guide debuted an early look at "Dexter" season 7 in which Debra held Dexter at gun point in the aftermath of Travis Marshall's (Colin Hanks) murder. But earlier today at Comic-Con International, Showtime unveiled a two minute preview clip from "Dexter" season seven which takes place almost immediately after the cliffhanger ending. In case you were wondering how Dexter would get out of this one, he manages to spin a lie that almost seems plausible.

Almost… except for one key detail which Debra has not overlooked…



What happens next? Find out on Sunday, September 30 as "Dexter" season 7 charts a new course for America's favorite serial killer.