One-On-One Interview With Amir Khan

HBO's "Boxing After Dark" telecast on Saturday will feature one of the most exciting fighters in the sport as Amir Khan takes on Danny Garcia for the WBC 140 lb Championship.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Amir Khan is coming off of last December's controversial loss to Lamont Peterson in which many agreed to be the fight of the year. Peterson was suppose to give Khan a rematch in May until more controversy hit the fan when it was discovered that Peterson failed a drug test. He tested positive for a banned substance and the fight was cancelled. Now Khan will face the hard hitting up-and-comer Danny Garcia this weekend.

I recently had a chance to speak with Amir and here is what he had to say:


CraveOnline: Hey Amir, how are you?

Amir Khan: I'm good thank you.

CraveOnline: First let's talk about Lamont Peterson. What was your reaction when the rematch got called off in May after he tested positive for a banned substance?

Khan: More than anything I was real upset because all the hard work I put into training and I was training for 10 weeks. I traveled to the Philippines and from the Philippines I traveled to LA and sparred hard, trained hard. Watched a video of him. When that happened it kind of put me down a little bit and I was very lucky to get the fight against Danny Garcia but it was just in a way a waste of a training camp. I just wanted to settle the score and beat him fair and square.

CraveOnline: Tell me about the disappointment you faced when you knew you weren't going to be able to get your rematch.

Khan: Very disappointing because the first fight I wanted to prove a point to my fans who traveled all the way from England to see me fight in America. I wanted this fight so badly because I knew it was going to be neutral more than anything. I had to go back to the drawing board and restart everything again. Just kinda go for a new goal, a new challenge and that's what we did.

CraveOnline: The Peterson fight gets cancelled and now you wait. Now you're going up against Danny Garcia. What'd you think of his last performance against Erik Morales?

Khan: Good performance, he boxed well. He's a good boxer, he's got power. Morales was a little older, it was a close fight but I thought Garcia definitely won the fight. He's tricky, he's tough, he's young and you know what young fighters are like. They're brave and they don't like to take a step back. He's never tasted defeat either so he's going to be very confident. I'm going to be ready for this fight no matter what. We know he's going to be training hard for this fight cause I'm sure he won't want a loss in his career but it's gonna be a good fight.

CraveOnline: Since you've been preparing to face him what do you see in his style that you can exploit?

Khan: I think we can attack him between shots because he's a little bit slower than most fighters I've faced. He's powerful but we know that. We think he's got slow feet. He's a counter fighter, he's a good counter fighter so maybe beating him at his own game.  I will be ready for whatever he brings to the table.

CraveOnline: You and his father got pretty heated at the press conference put together to announce the fight. Is there going to be any bad blood going into the fight?

Khan: Well it's a shame that I'm going to have to knock him out because of his dad. The way his dad's been acting..he's been saying stuff and being very disrespectful to my race and my religion and where I come from and England itself. You know it's a shame that you have to spoil the fight but I'm going to go in there and make your son pay for it.

CraveOnline: What will happen on July 14th?

Khan: On July 14th there will be a new WBC Champion and hopefully we'll then see what's next for me. The reason we had to have this fight straight away after the Lamont Peterson fight got called off is because I've got Ramadan coming up so I could have a fight before July 25th I think it is. So we're lucky we got this fight. It will be a great fight for me to get me right back up there as a World Champion.

CraveOnline: Good luck Amir, it was great speaking to you again.

Khan: Thank you very much, speak to you soon.

Amir Khan will be facing Danny Garcia for the WBC Jr. Welterweight title live this Saturday, July 14th only on HBO.

Photo Credit: AP