Comic-Con 2012: ‘Fringe’ Panel Report

The Fringe team has to fight the future in the final season. But John Noble teases a potential afterlife for the series on film.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

For the last time, the cast of "Fringe" appeared together at Comic-Con International, filling Hall H to capacity.

TV Guide's Damian Holbrook moderated the panel and welcomed back Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole and executive producer Joel Wyman. Blair Brown was a late scratch from the panel due to illness, but Wyman had the crowd record a supportive message for her.
Wyman then played an intriguing clip of things to come, including the war in the future against the Observers, the return of Leonard Nimoy as William Bell and Walter Bishop's menacing declaration that the surviving team should cause a few Fringe patterns of their own because he knows how to get rid of the Observers.
After the clip played, Wyman revealed that it was comprised of footage shot specifically to help convince Fox to greenlight a fifth season of "Fringe." The fifth season hasn't even started filming yet. Wyman also admitted that he only settled on an ending for the series a month ago. But Wyman also stated that he had ending in mind since the very beginning which has changed and evolved with the show. And to fill  in some backstory about the mysterious Observers, Wyman stated that a new book will be released from September's point of view. Wyman also promised to address why there are no female Observers.
The cast was pretty tight lipped on spoilers, but they shared their favorite Walterism: "Vagenda." As for favorite scenes, Torv choose the scene in which Olivia returned to her apartment after her captivity in the alternate universe and finally realized how much of her life was usurped by her doppelganger. Jackson choose the interplay between the two Lincoln Lees by his former cast member, Seth Gabel. Noble jokingly picked the scene in which Peter chopped a man's fingers off while Nicole was moved by the scene in which Walter is in a phone booth and he became desperate when he couldn't remember his son's phone number. Reddick picked a scene from season 4 in which Nicole's two Asrids spoke about whether their father really loved them.
Jackson and the rest of the panel were adamant about finishing the show strong. But Noble openly voiced his optimism that "Fringe" could potentially live on as a film. Of course, Jackson followed that by saying that the "Fringe" movie would be shot on his flip cam.
To close the panel, the cast and Wyman took a bow for the crowd and received a thundering ovation.